The Soloists of Mass in B Minor

Joined by a distinguished quartet of soloists and Artistic Director James Kim, Colorado Bach Ensemble is thrilled to once again present one of the towering masterpieces of Western civilization, Johan Sebastian Bach's Mass in B Minor. Finally completed in the last year...

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Why Mass in B Minor is So Special

Bach’s Mass in B Minor is a unique composition. J.S. Bach was a hard-core Lutheran, and most of his vocal works were composed for specific liturgy as part of Protestant worship services. Martin Luther, the Lutheran reformer, had a significant influence on the...

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Bach: Quintessential Teacher and Learner

Johann Sebastian Bach was a consummate musician. He began his training with his father learning to play the violin and the harpsichord, and his older brother Johann Christoph Bach taught him to play the organ during his early years. When he was 15 years old, he moved...

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