Performing Bach is challenging, especially for those of us who don’t get to perform this music often.

This summer, I had a chance to visit Leipzig (where Bach worked for 27 years) and hear the St. Thomas Boys Choir for the first time. These young men and boys continue to perform cantatas every week in addition to singing in other concerts and services. They still follow a quite rigorous routine of learning the music by rehearsing several hours a day. During Bach’s time, we know that his boys who sang in Leipzig performed his cantatas every week in addition to funerals and other special festivals/occasions. Though they were young, they were true professional singers in every aspect by rehearsing every day and singing Bach’s works every week. They knew the language and knew what to do!

While all of our musicians are professional, most of them don’t perform the works of Bach as nearly as often as those boys at the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. For those who perform the mainstream symphonic repertoire, playing Bach can feel rather foreign and different. My goal is to find a group of dedicated musicians who can perform this music at the highest professional level to present to Coloradans, so our audiences don’t need to travel far to hear this music.

Some of our local musicians are quite experienced, and I’ve noticed that a healthy influx of musicians are moving to Colorado to live and work.

Abigail Nims moved to Colorado a few years ago to teach at CU Boulder and has become a core member of our ensemble. She will be the featured soloist for the two major works we will be presenting this season.

Our latest addition to Colorado is Andrew Garland who will be starting as a voice faculty at CU Boulder this coming fall. Mr. Garland has been our soloist for ALL of the Messiah performances since 2012 and will continue to perform with us this season.

Derek Chester has performed with us since moving to Colorado a few years ago to teach at the University of Northern Colorado. He sang the role of the Evangelist for the two Passions and has performed many cantatas with us. This season, he will be singing in the ensemble and the tenor arias in Mass in B Minor. He continues to perform with some of the best baroque ensembles in the country such as American Bach Soloists.

Colorado is fortunate to have these wonderful musicians and many more. We have truly begun to establish a community of dedicated musicians so we can continue to elevate the level of music-making.

Take a look at the upcoming season and purchase your tickets today.

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P.S. We’ve regretfully had to cancel our Meet & Greet scheduled for September 24. Bethany Lutheran Church will be doing some organ maintenance on that date, but we hope we’ll see you at the first of our 2017 concerts beginning in October.