Cantata 32, Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen (Dearest Jesus, My Desire) is a primary example of a “dialogue” cantata. In this work, the dialogue is between Jesus (bass soloist) and the Soul (soprano soloist). Bach composed it during his third year in Leipzig, and it was first performed in January of 1726. Overall, this cantata is more “intimate,” scored for oboe, strings, continuo, and soprano/bass soloists. It is broken into six movements, first alternating arias and recitative, followed by a duet recitative/aria, and finally, a chorale. In the solo movements, Bach pairs the soprano with a plaintive oboe obbligato, and the bass sings along with a virtuosic violin solo.

Colorado Bach Ensemble’s “Cantata Insights Series” gives audiences an opportunity to learn more about Bach’s many cantatas. In these popular and educational concerts, Artistic Director James Kim has a special way of explaining what he knows, drawing you into the wonders of Bach’s music. After James gives his insights on a “guided tour” through the cantata, the ensemble performs the work in its entirety, giving the audience a fresh perspective of one of Bach’s magnificent works.

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