Cantata 111, Was mein Gott will, das g’scheh allzeit (What My God Wants, May It Always Happen) is a chorale cantata composed in 1725, based on a hymn by Albert, Duke of Prussia. In the first movement, we hear the cantus firmus long notes in the soprano line, accompanied by the lower voices in imitation. The strings and oboes provide a driving motor throughout the whole movement. In the fourth movement, a duet between the alto and tenor, one hears a confident character, which is fitting given the words refer to following God with emboldened steps. A soprano recitative leads us into the closing simple, yet reassuring chorale.

Colorado Bach Ensemble’s “Cantata Insights Series” gives audiences an opportunity to learn more about Bach’s many cantatas. In these popular and educational concerts, Artistic Director James Kim has a special way of explaining what he knows, drawing you into the wonders of Bach’s music. After James gives his insights on a “guided tour” through the cantata, the ensemble performs the work in its entirety, giving the audience a fresh perspective of one of Bach’s magnificent works.